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Welcome to University Admission Center UK

We are one of the top UK student university admission consultants. We are providing a full range of services in the sphere of education in the UK.

For several years we have continued to evolve in the sphere of educational consulting services in the UK. During this time we have helped more than 1500 clients to achieve their dream and became happy students at the universities across the UK, receiving full funding for studying and maintenance expenses.

Our services:

  • Free consultations about higher education in the UK.
  • Consulting service in selection of the most suitable individual programs.
  • Offering a wide range of courses and educational programs across the UK.
  • Creating the admission applications to the various universities.
  • Support in getting ready for admission interviews and exams.
  • Assistance in receiving full funding for studies and living costs.
  • Guidance in solving all kind of queries in the application process.

Steps of applying to the university:

  • 1. Our first consultation
  • 2. Choosing a course and university
  • 3. Getting ready the admission documents
  • 4. Submitting the application and preparing for exams
  • 5. Passing the exams and waiting for the results
  • 6. Getting the results
  • 7. Accepting the unconditional offer

In our first consultation we are getting acquainted with each other. In order to help you in the best way possible we need to understand what you would like to study, what suits you the best in terms of education, what is your sphere of interest, what are your professional goals, based on all this, considering your needs and goals, taking any your wishes into account we are creating an individual offer and recommending the best suitable education program for you.

At this point we are coming to a final agreement about where you would like to study and what university course you wish to apply for. We are discussing the university entry requirements and revising your English level, previously achieved education qualifications, and speak about the documents you need to get ready in advance.

This is one of the most important parts in the application process - preparation of all needed documents for applying to university. At this point we will assist and help you in creating a brilliant application in order to be accepted by the university. We will guide you along all the process, support and motivate you to achieve your best!

While the university will be revising and processing your submitted application, you will have time to study all the needed information about the exams and get ready for successfully passing it. We will provide you with information about the form and structure of the exam, what to study, and how to prepare in order to achieve great results!

The step when the applicant has to pass the examination. Sometimes support in special moments could make a big difference! We helped so many students and already know what real and efficient support should be like. We truly believe in our students and want them to achieve their goals and together we are a powerful team! And at the step of the exam we are there to help, to assist, to stand by!

After examination we are waiting for the examiner to review and evaluate the exam and the interview. As the examination is processed and evaluated and the result is ready, an email will arrive directly to the applicant email and will inform about the outcome.

After getting positive exam results, soon you will receive an email from the university with an unconditional offer. An unconditional offer is a confirmed place of study offered to you. After accepting it you become a student of a university! Congratulations! You did great!

Degree Programs

Select the most suitable academic qualification for you:
Foundation Degree

>Foundation Degree in the UK is a higher education qualification that blends academic learning with receiving of needed work-based skills. It is an introduction to the British system of education. It is an extra year before starting the bachelor degree studying. Usually, the foundation year leads to a bachelor degree in the same university. Foundation year usually gives an understanding of the basics of the chosen profession at the university and as well learns needed skills that could be used in the next years of studying. As well, during the foundation years English Academic writing and speaking skills are being improved.

Undergraduate Degree

Undergraduate Degree in the UK is a higher education qualification that is being received at the university or another higher education provider. This is the next academic step that goes after finishing school and receiving an A-level diploma. Studying for an undergraduate degree at the university gives a deeper understanding of one or more subjects. A full-time undergraduate degree normally takes three years to complete, but there could be variations if studying an undergraduate degree part-time. An undergraduate degree is an academic program of study leading to a qualification, such as an associate degree, diploma or bachelor degree.

Postgraduate Degree

Postgraduate Degree is a higher education qualification which follows after the undergraduate degree. A postgraduate degree gives an advanced level of knowledge and understanding of a certain subject. Distinctive features of the postgraduate degree studies is the focus on independent studying, individual researching work with involvement in one certain field or area of studying. Usually, a postgraduate degree will last one year, but there are also available extended courses continuing up to 2 years. Postgraduate degrees cover a range of qualifications such as Master’s, postgraduate diplomas and certificates, PHDs.

The most popular professions:

  • Business Management
  • Health and Social Care
  • Accounting
  • Computing and IT

Today business management is one of the most interesting courses at the university in the UK. Everything we see, be it a shop, a computer, a phone, or even an office place, was initially someone's idea that was transformed into a plan and got to be a source of receiving an income. Business management courses learn everything about making your ideas turn into a working activity of producing goods or offering services with the intention of receiving profit on it. By studying business management you will learn so much about the principles of a business, understanding business and economical environment, the practice of management, strategic decision making, leadership, accounting, finance, marketing, project management. You will have such a full understanding about how a business is made, organized and expanded. You will know how to manage people and create a powerful working environment. Studying business management gives so many professional and career opportunities.

Health and social care is such a meaningful profession, it is so much about offering care to others, about assisting and giving support, helping those who are in need of it. Nowadays there are so many vulnerable people, from little children to older people. By studying a health and social care degree you get to learn about the concept of health and well-being, understanding public health, effective practice of health and social care, you will gain knowledge about principles of mental health, personal and professional development, management and leadership in this sphere. A degree in health and social care could lead to employability as a health care adviser, nurse practitioner, clinic manager, health services administrator, laboratory technicians, care workers, welfare professional, physician assistant etc. You will have so much impact on other people's lives by going into this sphere. There are many different types of health and social care jobs, and such a big demand for specialists in this sphere.

London is one of the most important financial centers in this world. Everyday so many financial operations are being made here. Every minute financial corporations are expanding and money streams are circulating in the UK. So it is not surprising that there is such a high demand for people with a degree in accountancy and finance. While studying a degree in accountancy students learn about accounting theory and practice, work regulations, management, financial reports, develop the understanding of business and economic environment, study about tax systems, audit, international banking, financial markets, etc. This is such an addictive degree for those who enjoy working with numbers. After getting a degree in accounting graduates could work as certified general accountant, bookkeeper, budget analyst, financial consultant, financial analyst, auditor, finance or accounting manager, personal financial advisor, or credit supervisor, etc. There are so many career opportunities for those who get a degree in accounting.

Our world has become very digital. Today everybody and everything is so much connected to phones and computers. Could you imagine our world today without internet or social media applications? Every sphere is now digitally involved, and our dependence on the internet and computers is inevitable. Specialists who are well qualified in the sphere of computing and IT technologies are extremely required on the job market. While studying a degree in computing students learn about software development, database systems, web technologies, networking, data analysis, programming, web applications etc. Having a degree in computing graduates could apply for job positions as a software or web developer, mobile application developer, data scientist, computer systems analyst, IT project manager, etc. The advantage of this profession is that graduates will always find a job very easy, earn higher than average salaries, progress very quickly in their professional career, and could work online from anywhere in the world.

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